Resident Assistance Program

Eligibility standards for applicants

The Foundation’s Resident Assistance Program will pay part or all of the costs of residency at Willamette View for eligible residents whose assets have been completely depleted. Since the Foundation was created in 1967, we have provided over $9 million in support to qualified residents. These men and women entered Willamette View confident that their assets would be adequate to support them for their remaining years. Some of them lived in this community for more than 25 years. With the help of contributions from committed residents, their families and friends, and resident activities in the past, the Foundation has been able to help residents maintain their dignity and independence by subsidizing their monthly Willamette View expenses.

Thanks to generous donations, we have never had to turn away a qualified applicant due to lack of Foundation funds. We cannot guarantee assistance to any resident. Assistance is subject to availability of Foundation funds, and each applicant to the program must meet eligibility standards and be approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The application and approval process for financial assistance is confidential and discreet. If you think that you may need assistance in the future, we advise that you apply approximately six months before your assets are totally depleted. However, we welcome you, a family member, or a friend to contact us at any time. This allows us to discuss with you the eligibility requirements and program policies before the need for assistance arises.

Resident Assistance Program Eligibility Standards for Applicants

Any resident who has paid an entrance fee can apply for assistance.  Each application for assistance is reviewed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors for its approval.  Assistance will be approved on a case-by-case basis after an evaluation of the specific circumstances of the resident.  Applications presented to the Board for review are intentionally prepared so as not to reveal the identity of the applicant.

Neither approval of nor continued financial assistance is guaranteed to any resident. The Foundation can provide assistance to eligible residents only to the extent of its financial resources available for such purpose.  The ability to provide assistance to residents is dependent on voluntary contributions from residents and friends of Willamette View and investment income.

In determining whether a resident is eligible to receive assistance, the Foundation shall be guided by, but not limited to or restricted by, the following standards.  The Foundation is a separate entity, independent of Willamette View, Inc.  These standards are the Foundation’s, and not those of Willamette View, Inc.

Providing Accurate Financial Information

Assistance from the Foundation is dependent in part on the resident having provided complete and accurate information to Willamette View, Inc. at the time of their application for residency at Willamette View.

While living at Willamette View

Generally, the Foundation can assist only those residents who, for reasons beyond their control, incur certain types of unanticipated expenses that deplete their income and assets at a faster rate than projected when the resident applied for and was accepted for residency at Willamette View.     Normally, this would be due to longer than estimated actuarial life, need for a higher level of care sooner than projected, or unusually high basic medical expenses not covered by insurance; however, there may be other reasonable causes for depletion of assets that are beyond the resident’s control.

I. Prudent Asset Management

Residents are expected to preserve and manage their assets prudently and to apply their resources to the costs of residency at Willamette View and to the costs of their basic health care and related insurance.  Prudent management of assets includes maintaining health insurance.

II. Prudent Spending

Residents must have limited any other use of their resources to reasonable recreational and personal expenses, including reasonable charitable contributions and gifts to friends and family.

III. Extravagant Spending

The Foundation may impose conditions on approval, limit, or deny assistance to a resident who, after entrance to Willamette View, has lived extravagantly relative to the level of his or her assets, or otherwise disposed of or committed substantial resources for any purpose other than basic residency and health care costs and those additional permitted uses described in Paragraph 4.  An extravagant lifestyle for this purpose might include, but is not limited to, costly apartment upgrades or remodeling, expensive vacations, and other personal expenditures that are imprudent given the resident’s level of resources.

IV. Appropriate Levels of Care

Residents are expected to make use of the appropriate continuing levels of care offered at Willamette View. Residents are also expected to obtain necessary care through the most economical means based on individual circumstances. Residents who are recovering from illness or injury and require additional care temporarily or who need a small amount of daily assistance to remain in their current living situation are encouraged to use WV Home Care or other qualified caregivers.  However, the Foundation may impose conditions on approval, limit, or deny assistance to a resident who uses private-duty caregivers on a permanent basis rather than moving to the appropriate next level of care offered.  If a resident’s private duty care costs combined with their rent costs are higher than the cost of services at the next level of care, the resident will jeopardize their eligibility for financial assistance by not moving to that next level of care.

V. Couples Combined Resources

Couples are expected to use their combined resources to benefit both individuals for the remainder of both their lives unless each was approved separately for admittance to Willamette View based on his or her own financial resources.  If each individual was not approved for admittance separately and a prenuptial, postnuptial, domestic partner agreement or other similar agreement is in place that either provides for one individual’s assets to pass to someone other than the surviving partner at death, or in any way bars the use of one individual’s assets to support the other, the Foundation may impose conditions on approval, limit, or deny assistance to either one or both individuals.

Conditions when receiving assistance

I. Loan Re-payment

Any loans receivable by the resident (such as loans to children or family members) are to be repaid in full before the resident will be eligible to receive assistance.

II. Downsizing

If a resident is living in an apartment or house larger than one bedroom and a more economical unit is available, assistance approval will be contingent upon the resident’s willingness to relocate within Willamette View to a more economical residence.  Residents will not be required to downsize if there is no cost savings achieved by doing so.  Assistance for couples will be contingent upon their willingness to downsize if a more economical residence is available for both parties.

III.Income Guarantees

If residency at Willamette View was approved based on a guarantee of income provided by others, such as family members, that income stream must continue unless the guarantor, for good cause, becomes unable to continue the support.

IV. Assignment of Refundable Entrance Fee

Residents entering Willamette View under a refundable entrance fee plan will be required to assign enough of the refund to Willamette View Foundation to equal the amount of assistance that is provided to the resident and/or partner.

General Standards

I. Residents who move from the outside community directly into the Terrace or Health Center are not eligible for assistance.

II. Residents entering Willamette View Independent Living units under a month-to month rental residency agreement are not eligible for assistance.

III. Residents of Willamette View who must be moved from the Willamette View campus because of their special circumstances will be eligible for assistance from the Foundation if other program eligibility requirements are met.  If approved, all Resident Assistance Program policies and procedures will apply. Special circumstances requiring life care away from the Willamette View campus are limited to situations where Willamette View, Inc. is unable to meet the care plan needs of the resident who for example displays behavior that poses a threat or has psychiatric issues beyond the scope of care offered at Willamette View.

IV. The Foundation’s Board of Directors reserves the right to make decisions on a case by case basis taking into consideration the good of the entire community.  In deciding whether a resident is eligible to receive assistance, the Foundation shall be guided by, but not limited to or restricted by, these standards.

Willamette View Foundation provides assistance to eligible residents who have exhausted their resources despite prudent management. As its resources permit, the Foundation assists such residents by payment of all or a portion of residency costs, and, in special circumstances, payment of a portion of the resident’s basic health care costs.

Although the goal is to help all residents of Willamette View who need assistance, the Foundation may deny or limit assistance to residents who do not meet the eligibility requirements set forth in this statement of standards.