Maintain Eligibility for Resident Assistance

Willamette View residents have a safety net here at Willamette View Foundation. It’s a safety net that was created over 50 years ago and has been strengthened over the years by donors and investment earnings. It is
designed to provide direct financial support to residents whose financial resources are no longer able to cover their living expenses at Willamette View.

Some residents choose Willamette View because they know about the Foundation and its purpose, while others learn about it after moving into the community and discover a “gift with purchase”. My guess is that all residents, however or whenever they become aware of our purpose, and resources that are here to support them, feel some sense of relief.

The Foundation’s eligibility standards are basically a set of rules that residents should follow in order to preserve the opportunity to have our Resident Assistance Program pay their living expenses if their own
resources are exhausted during their lifetime.

Residents will want to maintain a lifestyle consistent with their level of resources and avoid extravagant spending and gifts to family and friends. Prudent investment strategies and maintaining adequate insurance will help to protect the assets that were accumulated for retirement. It is important that assets are not otherwise encumbered and remain available for the resident’s use to pay living expenses.

Home Care at Willamette View, or other private duty caregivers, can be a huge help and enable residents to maintain independence. A transition should be considered, including a thorough evaluation of all specific circumstances, if the cost for permanent in-home care increases to the point where it exceeds the cost for the next level of care available at Willamette View.

If you have any questions, or would like a copy of our eligibility standards, please contact the Foundation office at 971.233.8956. Information is also available online at