Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks related to your finances?

Want to feel that burden lifted?

Willamette View Foundation can help.

You may already know that we pay the way for residents who are no longer able to meet their living costs at Willamette View.  However, there is more to our service to residents than providing subsidy.

We are a constant source of comfort and relief from the burden of following up on income and benefits, paying bills, balancing checkbook, straightening out billings and balances, matching up medical bills and insurance explanations of benefits, and monitoring credit card statements, just to name a few.  We also consolidate and summarize all the information needed by the tax preparer in order to complete both Federal and Oregon individual tax returns for residents.

Our services are provided using a Durable Power of Attorney prepared by your attorney.  We provide you with a detailed report each quarter so you’ll stay informed about your financial activities.

These services can be provided to residents receiving direct subsidy as well as those participating in our financial tasks management services program.  Both groups of residents receive assistance that is designed to provide peace of mind and financial security; it’s golden!